Friday, January 4, 2013

Lianna, Elle & Nicholas | triplet NICU grads!

My last newborn session of 2012 and I get to photography triplets! These three absolutely adorable babies were born prematurely and spent the first several weeks of their lives in the NICU. I was fortunate enough to be their nurse repeatedly and thoroughly enjoyed taking care of them. They are all so precious and unique in their own way. While they appear to be newborns, they were technically over 6 weeks old, the day these photos were taken. I had warned their parents ahead of time that we may not be able to get the 'sleepy baby' poses typically associated with newborn photos. My goal going into this session was to get at least one photo of the babies sleeping together. I anticipated mostly individual shots, thinking the babies would each wake up periodically. But unbelievably, these cuties ALL cooperated and enabled me to get some beautiful sleepy shots of them together. Special thanks to my friend Valerie from Simply Thomas Photography for coming along to assist me with all these little ones. Thank you so much Kristen and Mike! And congratulations again on finally having your three little ones at home where they belong. :)

See more images from the triplet's session on the
Meredith Hunt Photography facebook page

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  1. They are precious. What a great photographer with creative ideas. Only one Q, why did your son get all the hair? Tis not fair!