Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pierce | Newborn

Allow me to introduce 5 day old baby Pierce. He is the first born son of Chelsea and David. You may remember them from their pregnancy announcement and/or their maternity photos. These two are originally from Texas, and chose to incorporate a little bit of home in some of Pierce's photos. I love including something personal, making the photos extra special and more unique. Pierce was wonderful to photograph and slept his way through most of it. 
Congrats again to this awesome couple on their beautiful baby boy!

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Chloe | Newborn

Chloe is my cousin, Amanda's first child. When she first asked me about photographing her baby, it really didn't seem possible. Mainly because Amanda and her husband, Graham, live in Florida. The chances of my being available, having time off from my nursing job, getting an affordable plane ticket, finding a way to pack my props to fly... it all just seemed too complicated. But she gave me an offer I really couldn't refuse: free airfare and free hotel for the weekend! After looking at my schedule for work, I told her there was really only one possible weekend that it could work, the weekend of September 7th... before her due date. What were the chances that the baby would cooperate and arrive early? We both agreed that we would just have to wait and hope it somehow worked out. Well, the Lord worked things out perfectly! Chloe was born on Monday and I stepped onto a plane that Friday, September 7th, Florida-bound. I am so thankful that it worked out and I was able to spend almost all of Saturday afternoon photographing adorable 5-day-old Chloe. Lots and lots of well wishes to her wonderful parents!
Congrats on your absolutely beautiful baby girl!

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cole | Newborn

You can't help but love the handsome little face on 8-day-old baby Cole. He has one of those baby faces that hold so much wisdom... also known as a cute-little-old-man face. :) He was a bit of a light sleeper, which made getting him into the different poses a little tricky. But with his mother's help, and a little patience and determination, we got it done. :)
Congratulations to Kristin and Seth on their newest addition!

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