Thursday, April 12, 2012

The McLaughlins | Kids Session and 6 month Portraits

I'm somewhat biased when it comes to my most recent subjects. Maddie, Jake, Abbey, Catie, and Ben are my incredibly adorable nieces and nephews. They presently hold the title of "my favorite little people in the whole world".  But I'll admit that getting (and keeping) the attention of 5 children (age 7 and under) is no easy task! We made out pretty well though, and were able to get lots of natural smiles and giggles from them (bubbles and gummy-worms may have played a small part). Poor 2 year old Catie had a mini melt-down, but we love her just the same. :) She's even cute when she cries! Here are a few of my favorites!

aka. mini-meltdown. Isn't she cute!? :)

After the kids session, I focused on baby Ben and his 6 month portraits. 
I cannot believe how big this guy has gotten! I had used a larger hat for his newborn photos back in October, and now it fits him like a glove! He is such a beautiful baby and always smiling. He was an amazing newborn model and just as cooperative for his 6 month portraits. Thanks Ben! :)

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