Thursday, January 26, 2012

Olivia | Newborn Session

I had been looking forward to this newborn session for awhile. This 13 day old baby girl, Olivia, is the daughter of my roommate from my sophomore year of college. She is their first child and absolutely beautiful. But I'd be lying if I said she was a peaceful sleeping beauty during our session together. This little girl has some spunk! She spent a good bit of the time awake, determined not to model for me. After a few breaks and feedings from Mom and Dad, she finally gave up the fight and became my first little girl model.... just as I'd  hoped she would. Congratulations Janine and Lee. She's perfect. :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Seamus | Newborn Session

Yesterday morning I had the privilege to photograph 10 day old baby Seamus. When I arrived, he was already passed out- the perfect newborn model! However, mid-way through the session he decided that he'd better keep an eye on me. Despite his wakefulness, he still hung in there for some calm eyes-open shots. A quick feeding from mom was all it took for him to drift into dreamland again. Congratulations to Becca, Kevin and big sister Maya on their beautiful new addition.